What's on your mind

Most of us feel sad, worried or stressed at some points in our lives and in response to events and experiences such as difficult life situations, physical illness, and problems at work or in relationships. Often these feelings will go away when the difficult situation changes but these feelings sometimes persist and get worse. They start to change the way we act and think and can affect our enjoyment of life.  

Research suggests that 1 in 4 people in the UK will struggle like this at some point in their lives which means that it is more common than most long term physical complaints.

But feeling that way doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way and there is a lot that we can do to feel better. The staff support service is here to help with a range of  information, talking therapies and practical support.



Everyone gets anxious from time to time and anxiety is your body’s normal response to a stressful situation. Anxiety usually goes away when the stressful situation comes to an end but if this doesn’t happen then feelings of panic, anxiety or worry can be frightening and difficult to manage.  Some people might find themselves avoiding certain objects or situations, feeling they need to double-check things, or feel distressed by thoughts that come to their minds.  We have a wide range of support available for people who experience any of these difficulties, whether you know what causes you to feel anxious, or if it just comes out of the blue.

Low mood

Many people experience difficulties with feeling low or depressed, feeling more tired than usual, or have difficulty finding the motivation to do things.  They may also experience less pleasure from some of the things previously enjoyed.  Rather than feelings of fear, as in anxiety, this is more to do with feelings of sadness, of not coping and feeling things will not get better. Feelings like these can be very difficult to manage, so whether you have experienced difficulties with these feelings in the past, or if it is the first time - we can help.


Relationships of all types can be difficult for many reasons, whether it is losing someone, a relationship breaking down, or dealing with some of the emotional strains that people can feel.  Whether work or home related relationship issues, talking to someone who is outside of the situation can often assist.

Physical health

Medical support can go a long way to help in managing long-term health conditions, but often people struggle with there will often be a strong emotional struggle that people feel they need help with.  Coping with long term or difficult health conditions can be worrying, and lead to feelings of low mood and anxiety about other things.  Our counsellors are here to help.